How to Select an Outdoor TV for Your Space

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Outdoor TV over fireplace

Are you using an indoor TV in your outdoor space and noticing condensation, glare and reduced performance interrupting your viewing enjoyment?  Did you know that using a conventional TV outdoors will usually void the warranty? Maybe it’s time to invest in a high performance outdoor TV made specifically to weather the elements. SunBriteTV has made it easier than ever to select the right TV for your outdoor condition. As the leading manufacturer of outdoor TVs for residential and professional use, their three product lines – Veranda, Signature and Pro – ensure that you’ll select the right model for your outdoor setting while staying within your budget. When you select a TV from any of these three collection, you’ll know you are getting a worry-free unit built for permanent installation in your outdoor setting.

Veranda – The Solution for Fully Shaded Outdoor Areas

Weatherproof outdoor TV

The Veranda series TVs are perfect for outdoor, fully shaded applications.

For a fully shaded outdoor area – such as a screened in room, or covered patio – a TV from the Veranda series will offer optimal outdoor performance at an affordable price point. These waterproof units are up to 30% brighter than standard indoor TVs creating a more enjoyable viewing experience outdoors, and are rated to perform in temperatures ranging from -24° F to 104° F.

All TVs in the Veranda series come with the following:

  • A Powder-coated aluminum exteriors which is fully resistant to moisture, dust, grease and insects.
  • A direct-lit 4K UHD screen specifically designed for outside full-shade viewing areas.
  • Built-in all-weather speakers.
  • Weatherproof remote control.

Signature – An Outdoor TV Perfect for Partial Sun Viewing

WEatherproof outdoor TV

SunBriteTV Signature Series is the solution for any partially shaded outdoor area.

Designed for areas with changing light conditions, the Signature series from SunBriteTV is has an anti-glare screen for bright sun, and OptiView™ Technology for brighter day, darker night viewing. These TVs are perfect for applications including pergolas and partially shaded patios, as well as covered conditions where the TV is placed directly in the sun’s glare. These TVs are rated to perform in temperatures ranging from  -24° to 122°F.

All TVs in the Signature Series include the following:

  • Built-in HDBaseT receiver for ultra-high-definition video, audio and control transmission over a single, long-distance category cable.
  • 4K UHD high-brightness (700NIT) commercial-grade anti-glare screen for enjoyable viewing in high ambient light conditions.
  • Weatherproof remote control.

Pro – The Benchmark TV for Fully Exposed Lighting Conditions

SunBriteTV Pro Series

The Pro Series by SunBriteTV is ideal for fully exposed conditions.

The Pro Series is completely weatherproof and designed to withstand the harshest environments. This series features a tempered glass shield to protect the screen in active environments, and is ideal for any busy, fully exposed area. This is the only series with a 4K, 84-inch option for the ultimate outdoor viewing experience.  The Pro series from SunBriteTV also includes touch screen models ideal for creating digital signage and interactive experiences in commercial settings.

All TVs in the Pro Series include the following:

  • A built-in heating and cooling system allows the display to operate in temperatures from -40 F up to 122 degrees F.
  • Detachable, all-weather, 20 WATT sound bar that can sit above or below the TV
  • Weatherproof remote control.

In addition to these units, AuthenTEAK also sells outdoor TV mounts, stands and covers for your outdoor television. Visit our website to shop the entire collection from SunbriteTV.

The New Weber Genesis IIs Have Arrived in the Showroom

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Weber Genesis II Model E310

Weber Genesis II – Model E310

Are you looking for a new grill for yourself, or a great gift for a new homeowner? Weber recently released their newest 2017 models of the classic Genesis grill which are now in our showroom and ready for purchase.

The new generation of Genesis grills are available in 4 sizes – 2,3,4 and 6 burner – to match your space and cooking needs. All models are available in an open cart design with high performance burners. porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grate and infinity ignition. A large, easy-to-read thermometer is built into the stainless steel lid to take the guesswork out of cooking.

Select the LX Model for upgrades including enclosed storage cart and stainless steel cooking grates and flavorizer bars on the 3-burner and higher models.


Cooking for a crowd? Check out the cooking surface area on the Genesis 4 and 6 burner models.

Stop by our 15,000 sq ft Atlanta Showroom for the best grills, accessories and cooking advice in town. We’re your local grill experts.

A Space for Outdoor Entertaining In Atlanta’s Chastain Park

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Pool installation by Authenteak

When your home is built for outdoor entertaining, finding pieces made to last with little to no maintenance is key. Today we are taking a look at a recent pool and patio install in the Atlanta neighborhood of Chastain Park. Our customers were looking to create a relaxing pool deck for soaking up the rays and a casual seating area to accommodate the family while enjoying the outdoor fireplace and kitchen on their covered patio.

Gloster Bells side table

On the pool deck we created a laid back arrangement of our own modern Cadzand sling chaise lounge chairs paired with Gloster Bells side tables. The low-maintenance grey sling fabric chaises with white aluminum frames have a sleek silhouette which requires little maintenance. The Gloster Bells side tables add a whimsical but stylish touch with their bell shape and innovative hidden ice buckets beneath genuine teak tops. The perfect outdoor accent piece for entertaining!

SAg Harbor Driftwood Sectional

The outdoor kitchen and fireplace area is a favorite gathering spot for the family, so the goal was to create ample deep seating with a comfortable laid-back feel. The Sag Harbor modular sectional – a popular choice – was customized for a perfect fit.

By combining 2 left/right end chairs, 2 armless chairs and 2 ottomans from the Sag Harbor collection we were able to create an outdoor version of the U-shaped sectional – a trending look for both indoors and out.

The driftwood finish resin wicker frames selected for the sectional complement the grey and white color scheme found throughout the home’s exterior, and cushions and throw pillows in Sunbrella fabric provide comfortable, weather-proof seating that will clean up easily in case of spills.

The rugged Valhalla coffee table by Kingsley-Bate completes the look in grey-finished reclaimed teak which can withstand whatever this family throws at it – from pool parties to outdoor movie nights – and keep everything they need close at hand while enjoying this gorgeous outdoor space.


Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2017

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Casual Market Chicago is a yearly event bringing together the biggest names in outdoor living. From furniture to fire pits, the newest designers and most established brands come together under one roof providing loads of inspiration for the next outdoor season.

Our team was at the show and brought back some fantastic imagery of what you can expect to see on the hippest patios in 2017. Here are some of our favorite looks and trends to watch.

cabana sectional by skyline furniture

Cabana style was big with lounges and even entire sectionals getting covered treatment. This large U-shaped sectional by SkyLine made quite a splash at the show.



Mixed media and modularity were the “M” words continuing the major trends from last year. Powder coated aluminum frames mixed with upholstery and teak accents to create some of the sleekest and most comfortable looks around.



Wicker was elevated with leggy looks that raised interest and added midcentury appeal. The addition of a love seat to the Kingsley-Bate Paris collection adds versatility to this already popular suite.



While furniture cushions continue to trend towards neutrals, color came through in both expected and unexpected ways. Plush outdoor rugs, like these by Liorra Manne, brought both indoor comfort and abstract washes of color in blues and greens.



More pops of color in blues and greens were found with these unique ceramic table bases topped with teak by Gloster. A grouping of these tables make the perfect spot to rest your coffee, newspaper or a glass of wine while lounging in their deep seating.



Throw pillows in all-weather fabrics were on display in a variety of colors and textures. These oversize floor cushions add instant seating when you’re entertaining a crowd.



Outdoor lighting and decorative elements were elevated to with finishes and styles you would expect to see indoors – creating exquisite touches that could be used indoors or out.

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Caring for Teak Outdoor Furniture


Caring for teak furniture

A natural honey color or silvery grey…the choice is yours. Learn how to care for your teak here.

Teak is an extremely durable hardwood which requires very little care to preserve its good looks and integrity over decades of use. The qualities which make teak so attractive to ship builders – its impermeability, resistance to splitting and rot, as well as its natural beauty make it equally attractive as a material for outdoor furniture. In fact, the majority of premium outdoor furniture manufacturers chose teak exclusively as their outdoor wood of choice.

When it comes to caring for your teak outdoor furniture, there are a few simple guidelines to follow. The first thing to address are the two natural states of teak – and the decision each homeowner should make about their aesthetic preference between the two. Natural teak is teak which has retained its golden honey color. This is the natural state of new teak before it has weathered, and it is possible to preserve this appearance with a little care. Weathered teak is teak which has aged to a natural silvery grey color. This generally occurs after several months or years outdoor in direct sunlight, and many homeowners prefer the soft, silvery look.

Caring for Weathered Teak

Should you decide to let your teak weather to a silvery grey, there’s very little that you need to do. Within 5 to 12 months of leaving the furniture outdoors in the sunlight it will begin to develop a grey patina. To speed up the process you can use a product like our Golden Care Teak Patinizer which will hasten the weathering process and also help prevent the adhesion of dirt and mildew.

Once the furniture has taken on a weathered surface, it is easily maintained by an annual cleaning with a soft bristled brush and soapy water to remove accumulated dirt. For tough stains and mildew add one part household bleach to two parts water in the soap solution. Rinse well with clean water after washing. For tougher stains, there are teak cleaning products available online which you can try, including Golden Care Teak Wood Cleaner. Pressure washers are to be avoided as they can scour and roughen the wood surface. Also, the use of steel wool is not recommended as it can leave a residue that can produce rust spots.

To slow the weathering process and let your teak age to a light silvery grey and inhibit mildew growth you can also use a product like our Golden Care Teak Whitener.

Preserving Natural Teak

The golden hue of natural teak is easy to maintain with a little effort.

The golden hue of natural teak is easy to maintain with a little effort.

If you want your teak furniture to maintain the golden hue it had when purchased, the best way is to use it indoors or under an awning away from direct sunlight. Eventually, with time the weathering process will begin. However, weathering is a cosmetic, surface condition only. Hand sanding with a fine grit sandpaper will remove the outer grey layer and once again reveal that golden shade you love.  Applying a product like Golden Care Teak Protector will help to extend the life of the natural finish even longer.

To protect a teak dining table from stains like wine or grease and oil from food, salad dressing and butter, we recommend a product like Golden Care Teak Shield. This will help preserve your investment and allow you to get the maximum enjoyment from your teak tables.

While some people use teak oil to preserve the original teak finish, we do not recommend using teak oil on furniture which will be used outdoors as this finish can promote the growth of mold on the surface of the furniture as well as a greasy feel which will interfere with your enjoyment of your furniture. Instead, we suggest following the cleaning and occasional sanding steps above to maintain your preferred finish.


Save 20% on Couristan All-Weather Rugs through July 31st

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Looking for a finishing touch for your outdoor room? An all-weather rug can define your space and add visual interest while withstanding the elements and resisting stains.

Whether your style runs towards large, bold floral patterns, simple stripes, bold geometric patterns or muted neutrals, you’re sure to find a rug in the Couristan collection to suit your space.

Shop a wide assortment of indoor/outdoor rugs at!

Shop a wide assortment of indoor/outdoor rugs at!


Right now, all of our Couristan outdoor rugs are 20% off when you shop online or in the showroom. Use code COURISTAN at checkout and you’ll see the discount reflected in your order.

Click here to shop our selection of Couristan rugs online today!`

Our Grill Guide – How to Choose the Right Grill for Your Space and Taste

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Nothing say summer more than firing up the grill and cooking for a gathering of family and friends. If you are new to outdoor cooking, the selection of grills available on the market may seem daunting. Follow our simple guide to select the perfect grill for your space and cooking needs here.

Cooking Fuel

Picking a fuel source for you grill is a good place to get started. Whether your preferences run towards charcoal, gas, propane or even wood we have a grill to meet your needs.


A kamado-style grill like this one from Primo gives you the flexibility to smoke, grill, bake and roast all with one tool.

A Kamado-style grill like this one from Primo gives you the flexibility to smoke, grill, bake and roast all with one tool.

There are charcoal cooking aficionados who swear that charcoal is the best cooking method. Some of the benefits of using a charcoal grill include the ability to cook at high temperatures, the ability to smoke foods as well as grill in a charcoal burning grill, and the ability to burn wood for flavor.

If you love that smoky charcoal flavor in your grilled meats, or love to experiment with different wood chip varieties to obtain the perfect flavor, a charcoal grill or smoker is the way to go.

Standard kettle-style charcoal grills like this one by Weber are an affordable entry-point into charcoal grilling, while more sophisticated kamado-style ceramic grills provide the ability to create different heat zones to cook different foods all at once with the use of dividers and heat deflectors.

Explore our selection of charcoal burning grills and smokers.

Gas and Propane

The Weber Genesis is a classic American-made grill which is available with propane and natural gas burning options.

The Weber Genesis is a classic American-made grill which is available with propane and natural gas burning options.

Gas and propane grills are extremely popular and many of the options available on the market provide the option to use either fuel source. While propane burns slightly hotter, the experience is nearly identical and for many grill owners the decision comes down to the logistics of their backyard.

If you’re the type of chef who likes to move your grill to where the action is, a propane tank is the way to go. While it keeps your grill mobile, it will require that you have an extra propane tank on hand to avoid running out of fuel before the meal is done. On average, one propane tank can provide 25 hours of cooking time, so plan accordingly.

If you currently have a gas line in your backyard, it can be more convenient to connect your grill to it. If you do not already have a gas line there will be a cost from your local utility to get this set up. Once  done, you should consider your grill fixed in place as moving it to another area will require caution and expertise. However, the benefit of never needing to worry about running out of cooking fuel should outweigh the loss of mobility.

When shopping our selection of gas grills you will see the option to select either propane or natural gas on each individual product page.

Grill Size

Cooking for a crowd? This 42" LXE Gas Grill by Alfresco might fit your bill. We carry grills up to 56" wide at

Cooking for a crowd? This 42″ LXE Gas Grill by Alfresco might fit your bill. We carry grills up to 56″ wide at

We’ve never had a customer complain that their grill was too big, but many do come in to upgrade to a larger grill when they feel their cooking area is just not large enough. Keep this in mind when selecting your grill.

Think about the crowds you are planning to cook for as well as the foods you normally prepare. 10 hot dogs will take up a lot less space than 10 chicken breasts! Plus, for proper cooking you should allow a half inch of space all the way around each piece of meat on the grill. Love grilled veggies? Those can take up quite a bit of space as well. Whether you want your entire meal to come off the grill at once, or don’t mind cooking in batches while your guests wait is another consideration.

Make sure to take into account both the direct cooking area – directly above the heat source, and the indirect cooking area – upper racks –when determining how much space you will need.

Have more questions about selecting the best grill for your needs? Visit or call the showroom for personalized help from our expert staff.

SunBrite TVs for All-Weather Outdoor Use

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Fun for the whole family by day and night!


An age-old dilemma that every sports fan has faced – stay inside to watch the game, or enjoy the outdoors with family and friends – has finally been solved. SunBriteTV, manufacturer of all-weather outdoor televisions, has created a product line specifically built to deal with the harshest outdoor conditions. Rain, dirt, insects, extreme temperatures and UV rays are no match for these durable units manufactured in the USA in Thousand Oaks, CA.

SunBriteTVs come in a range of sizes

Shop our assortment of SunBriteTVs in a range of sizes suited to any outdoor space.


Many homeowners wonder if they can use a television made for indoors in their outdoor space. There are three main reasons why you do not want to do this – heat, cold and condensation. While you may be able to find a television rated for hotter or cooler temperatures, the real problem occurs when temperatures fluctuate and condensation forms inside the unit which is only meant to function indoors. Moisture inside the unit will cause performance to degrade and the unit to eventually fail. Not to mention the fact that outdoor use will immediately void the warranty on any TV unit not specified for outdoor use.

If you are looking for an outdoor TV that will withstand the elements year round while delivering a superior HD viewing experience, check out these units which grace many of the country’s professional sports arenas – including Yankee Stadium, Gillette Stadium, Wrigley Field, Soldier Field, Marlins Park.

Whether you need a small unit for a screened porch or are looking for an impressive focal point above your outdoor fireplace – SunBriteTV has a unit for you. With units ranging from 32″ to 84″ you’re sure to find one to enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space – and lure the sports fans outdoors for once and for all!

Shop SunBriteTVs online at and enjoy Free Shipping on all units.

Gloster Grid Savings Event Begins Today!

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Have your eye on Gloster’s newest collection? The Award Winning Grid takes Danish Design outdoors in a way no other brand has done before. A modern combination of powder coated aluminum, plush, weatherproof upholstery, and warm teak accents makes this collection a comfortable oasis and focal point for your outdoor space. Gloster’s renowned construction ensures that these pieces will grace your outdoor space for years to come with unparalleled style.


Low slung lounge pieces with integrated side tables combine with high side tables to create functional arrangements for any space.


Create an inviting space to socialize with a combination of sofas, ottomans and coffee tables which can be arranged – and rearranged – to suit any gathering.


Grid is available in 2 frame colors and 10 fabric choices to create a look distinctly your own.

From May 19th through June 23rd, shoppers can take advantage of additional savings on this collection equal to 36% off the Manufacturer’s suggested retail price. After June 23rd, our pricing will return to a discount of 25% off the Manufacturer’s retail price for the remainder of the month.

Ready to plan your Grid? Visit the website to shop the collection or call us for Free design guidance today.

Choosing the Right Patio Umbrella

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The easiest way to make your outdoor space enjoyable during the hottest months is with shade. Blocking the sun’s rays with an umbrella can dramatically reduce the effects of the sun. In fact, a sweltering 95 degrees can become a comfortable 80 degrees under the right umbrella.

Learn how to pick the perfect umbrella for your outdoor space in our guide, below.

choosing the right patio umbrella

What Type of Umbrella

The first step to choosing an umbrella is determining what type will best fit your needs.

Market or Patio Umbrellas

woodumbrellaIf you are looking to cover an outdoor dining table, a market or patio umbrella is a good, cost efficient choice. These umbrellas will fit through the hole in an outdoor dining table, and can also stand alone to cover a seating area. They are commonly used to provide shade between chaise lounges or over seating on a pool deck or patio.

Choosing a tilting patio umbrella is a great upgrade which will allow you to adjust the angle of the umbrella depending on the sun’s position, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without continually moving to avoid the sun’s rays.

Whatever your intended use, make sure you purchase an appropriate base for your patio umbrella. Simply setting it into the center hole of your dining table is not sufficient to keep it upright and can cause eventual damage to your table if not properly secured into a base. When using a patio umbrella without a table you will need to use a heavier base. Refer to our product details pages to find the appropriate base for your selected umbrella and usage.

Cantilever Umbrellas

If you want to shade a dining tacantilever umbrellable without the center pole getting in the way, or you wish to cover a large outdoor seating area, hot tub or children’s play area, a cantilever umbrella is the perfect choice.

These adjustable umbrellas can cover large areas without the obstruction of a center poll. Many cantilever umbrellas rotate so t
hat you can easily switch it from your dining area to seating area depending on your activities or the sun’s position. They are also popular for creating a shaded area over a pool.  Remember, a large cantilever requires a large base, so be sure to purchase an adequate cantilever base and so you can enjoy your umbrella for many years to come.

What Size Umbrella

For market or patio umbrellas being used with a table, 8-10 feet is the standard height.

If you plan to use your umbrella with a bar-height table, you can purchase a longer bottom pole which raises the umbrella crank above the table top, making it far easier to open and close your umbrella.

When it comes to choosing the umbrella diameter, here are a few rules of thumb.

  • For use with a table, select an umbrella with a diameter 2 feet greater than that of the table. This will ensure that all guests are covered.
  • For use with a seating area, chose an umbrella slightly larger than your seating configuration to create a space that is comfortable for all.
  • Choose an octagon or round umbrellas with round tables and a rectangular umbrella for use with oval or rectangular tables. And of course, there are square umbrellas for use with square tables.

Refer to the document below to determine the proper size for your seating arrangement.

Treasure Garden Science of Shade 

Umbrella Fabric Grades

We offer umbrellas in a range of fabrics including Sunbrella, Outdura and O’Bravia. Refer to the guide below for an explanation of these choices.

Our umbrellas and replacement canopies are available in a myriad of fabric colors and styles. You can also order free fabric swatches directly from the product page of the item you are looking at to ensure your umbrella complements your outdoor space. Should you require an umbrella or canopy in a fabric color or pattern you do not see listed on our website please contact us to inquire about special orders.


Umbrella Fabrics at a Glance


Good Better Best
Solefin O’Bravia Sunbrella & Outdura
Grade D Grade C Grade A/A+
Grade D Fabrics are made of 100% Solution-Dyed Soft Olefin. These fabrics offers a great value with a wide assortment of colors. These all-weather fabrics offers a two (2) year warranty covering loss of color or strength from normal exposure including sunlight, mildew or rot. Treasure Garden’s best performing, 100% Solution-Dyed Polyester 4800 series fabric. These durable all-weather fabrics offer a four (4) year warranty covering loss of color or strength from normal exposure including sunlight, mildew or rot. This 100% Solution-Dyed Polyester offers the outdoor casual furniture industry an ideal earth friendly solution and is truly the 100% recyclable “GREEN” choice. Grade A/A+ fabrics include 100% Solution-Dyed Acrylic fabrics from the top U.S. mills including Sunbrella and Outdura. These all-weather fabrics offer a five (5) year warranty covering loss of color or strength from normal exposure including sunlight, mildew or rot.