Tips for Fall Outdoor Living

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Fall is here and cool weather can be felt across the nation; here are a few tips for outdoor living during the Fall season.

Football Season:

  • Design an outdoor sports cave. Outdoor spaces become outdoor rooms when adding a television, comfortable seating, and outdoor kitchen conveniences like a mini fridge, cooking space and sink. You’ll love how a fresh beverage is within easy reach. Plus, if you accidentally spill your drink while cheering on a touchdown, a paver patio will handle the mess much better than indoor carpet.
  • Fire up the grill. Spending the day cheering on your favorite team can really work up an appetite. Be sure to keep your guests happy and full by providing lots of tasty, hot-off-the-grill treats. An added bonus, cooking outside on the grill will give off extra heat on cooler days and into the evening.
  • Show pride for your favorite team with color-themed throws and pillows adorning your outdoor furniture.


  • Build a raised garden bed to make the task a bit easier, and consider growing a few pumpkins for Halloween.
  • Replace spent annuals with fall-blooming hardy mums; these showy perennials will provide color for many weeks. Properly planted, maintained and winterized, mums will colorfully enhance your landscape for years to come.
  • Fall is “now or never” time to plant spring bulbs like daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, crocus and other fall bulbs.
  • Fall is the best season to plant fruit trees such as apples, pears, plums, cherries, peaches, apricots and figs. Young trees should be staked to prevent roots from being pulled by fall and winter winds.

Outdoor Furniture and Decor:

  • Add some cushions and pillows in rich fall hues to your deck furniture and incorporate seasonal decorations to give your outdoor space a new look.
  • The cool temperatures of fall can be refreshing, but unwelcome if you aren’t prepared. Create comfortable surroundings for you and your guests by adding a fire pit feature. Fire pits make for a great social center piece.
  • Place a couple of Adirondack chairs and a garden bench to place around a fire pit and get ready to toast marshmallows with the family once the nights get cooler.


  • Long live your grill! Even though summer’s gone, there’s no need to abandon outdoor entertaining on your deck or patio space. You’re ready to have a fall cookout. (Perhaps even install an outdoor TV for those die-hard sports fans!)
  • Add a patio heater to keep guest warm during those weekend parties.

The Outdoor Office

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Bring the business outdoors! Think about it for a minute or two. At first blush, an outdoor office sounds a bit far-fetched, perhaps even futuristic. Then consider all of the portable, wireless digital devices available today that allow users to work and connect to the world from just about every location.

Isn’t it rather inevitable that outdoor offices will proliferate throughout the land someday – soon?

“The Outdoor Office” looks at an area that has until now been underexplored: the types of furniture used for outdoor activities other than leisure and entertainment pursuits.

It was developed with the goal of understanding the possibility of new types of office spaces located outdoors. As working habits change and our mobile devices, attached to us like appendages, allow us the freedom to work outside traditional offices, increasingly we are seeking alternative spaces that make productive activities feasible outdoors. This in turn demands new types of outdoor furniture and architectural elements.

With inspirational images drawn from film, television and existing offices and conceptual projects to models the outdoor furniture industry is developing new types of offices and furniture systems, which are inventive tools for studying and working in both public and private spaces.

It also seeks to cut the financial and environmental costs of lighting and HVAC in parts of the world where good weather is enjoyed for at least part of the year. Outdoor offices are going to set a  benchmark for new thinking and discovery, encouraging further examination of this important developing area of design.

New Additions – Bentintoshape Fire Pits!

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Just in time for fall! Authenteak now offers Bentintoshape Fire Pits! Bentintoshape have a passion for creating unique, fun, high quality and lasting products. They create unique, high quality and durable home and garden decor products like fire pits, patio tables, planter boxes and garden art. 

The Bentintoshape Fire Pits are constructed with 11 Gauge Cor-Ten Steel for maximum durability and rustic antique appearance. Cor-Ten, also known as Weathering Steel, is a steel alloy which was developed to eliminate the need for painting and form a stable rust-like appearance when exposed to the weather. These fire pits are perfect for patios, a day at the beach or a weekend at the hunting camp. 

Bentintoshape 38" Round Fire Pit

Bentintoshape 38" Square Fire Pit

Bentintoshape 30" Round Fire Pit

Bentintoshape 30" Square Fire Pit

New Additions – Elaine Smith Pillows!

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Check out the Venice Collection from Elaine Smith!

Authenteak is excited to announce a new addition to our Atlanta West Midtown showroom and website!

—Elaine Smith luxury outdoor pillows—

Excerpt from Elaine Smith’s website:

Elaine Smith Outdoor Pillows

Before Elaine Smith, al fresco entertaining was a distinctly less beautiful and desirable experience. Outdoor furnishings and accessories featured fabrics that were weather-proof, but never as soft and stylish. But then in 2003, the successful interior and home accessory designer discovered textiles as lush as they were tough. Their fine fibers could withstand Mother Nature and human nature, resisting sun, rain, and stains.

Working with these fabrics and inspired by her dual loves of exotic locales and natural wonders, Elaine created what is the world’s first and only line of outdoor luxury pillows. Rich in color, lavish in detail, and of course, impervious to the elements, Elaine’s first outdoor collections were such a resounding success that she decided to develop her company’s efforts into becoming the leader in this exciting category.

Currently, Elaine Smith Pillows are available Nationwide to the trade and can be found at Tradeshows in Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta. Discerning consumers can find them at Neiman Marcus, Gump’s, Frontgate, Grandin Road, and other finer furnishings, accessory, and gift stores around the country. A favorite of interior designers and the hospitality industry, the pillows currently add the finishing touches to patio and deck settings at the St. Regis, Ritz Carlton, and several boutique properties in the U.S.

Elaine Smith pillow collections is the world’s first and only line of outdoor luxury pillows. They start with the best, solution dyed yarns and work with the finest U.S. mills to create beautiful, long lasting quality products. These pillows can withstand nature and human nature, resisting sun, rain, and stains. Check out her great collection today at AuthenTEAK

The Evolution Of Sunbrella

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Treasure Garden AG28 10" Umbrella

The AG28 is a 10ft cantilever European style umbrella that creates an inviting dining atmosphere. Over 135 different solution dyed Sunbrella fabrics are available for this umbrella.

For over 45 years, Sunbrella has led the way in performance fabrics. What started out as a fabric used primarily for awnings on luxury homes and boats has evolved into a leader in quality and innovation in the outdoor furnishings industry. Sunbrella has been instrumental in the development of upholstery for outdoor furniture. The fabrics stay strong and vibrant, even through intense sunlight exposure and cleaning with bleach. So STOP worrying about stains and fading on your patio furniture, go ahead and get that white sofa you’ve always wanted.

The most important fact that most people don’t know about Sunbrella is that it’s environmentally friendly. There are no waste water from dyes like the other typical competitor fabrics. Sunbrella is GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality if used in the home. A revolution is also occuring within the indoor furnishings industry. Several upper end furnishing boutiques have started offering Sunbrella fabrics for interior design projects due to it’s durability. Sunbrella furniture fabrics offer more patterns, colors and designs than any other performance fabric in the market. High profile fabric designers have been working with Sunbrella in recent years designing beautiful fabrics that are just as soft as cottons and smooth as silks. It’s amazing how Sunbrella has evolved. Come into AuthenTEAK’s showroom and look through all the great Sunbrella fabric samples or check us out on the web at Also check out to see and read about the latest developments in the performance fabric industry.

Fire Glass

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American Fireglass Premium Azuria Reflective - 1/4"

Along with wonderful evenings in front of a fire pit comes the fun of choosing the right fire glass! Fire glass is a product which is designed to be used in a variety of gas fireplaces to cover the housing of the gas jets. It is also perfect to help reflect light and heat and give a neat lighting effect outdoors. Fire glass is designed as an alternative to rocks and fake logs which are often used in gas fireplaces.


AuthenTEAK carries a wide variety of colors in different shapes and sizes. Properly made fire glass has been tempered and specially treated so that it will be able to withstand high temperatures and prolonged exposure to heat. The pieces are usually around gravel sized, because larger pieces can be prone to cracking and exploding. Fire glass is also usually tumbled to soften the edges so that people will not be hurt by the glass if they come into contact with it.  Many questions arise about how much fire glass should be used…this depends on the depth and opening on the fire pit. For a round fire pit with a 16″ opening its recommended to use at-least 30 lbs of fire glass for complete coverage. Now when it comes to picking out fire glass the fun has just begun!

American Fireglass Classic Champagne - 1/4


Since fire glass comes in a variety of colors and sizes its great to mix and match to create a look that you want! At AuthenTEAK, we carry American Fireglass which is made in the U.S.A. American Fireglass is the premier manufacturer of fireplace and fire pit glass and there products offer a diverse selection of colors in tumbled Tempered Glass, Beads, Eco-glass and fire rock ranging in size from 1/4″ to 1/2″. Check out the different varieties at!




Firepits For Fall

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R&R Living Firepit

It’s hard to even think about firepits when it’s 99 degrees outside BUT fall will be right around the corner. Have you considered incorporating a firepit into your outdoor space? Hanging out on your deck or patio on a cool fall evening with friends, sipping wine and enjoying their company would be so much more memorable with a firepit. The firepit industry has evolved into a subset of the outdoor furnishing industry. Several manufacturers, including R&R Living and Urban Fire, have cornered the market with their high quality and unique designs. R&R Living is an American made product which is 100% eco-friendly.Their steel is coated with a revolutionary polymer which will not tarnish, bleach, or burn in the sun and will survive the elements. They recycle all the scrap metal from their manufacturing process, and their shipping pallets are made with recycled wood scraps. As a potential buyer of a firepit you must determine whether natural gas or liquid propane best suits your needs. Some designs are more appropriate than others for use with liquid propane so be sure to ask your salesperson for advice when considering what works best with your outdoor living space.


Urban Fire II Bronze1

Urban Fire, is a superior quality product. Manufactured in Canada, their design will appeal more to the modern/contemporary consumer. Stainless steel is their focus and if you check out their website  you can see the beautiful outdoor spaces that have been created using their product. Even though it’s been a hot summer several of our customers have already purchased their firepits to incorporate into their current outdoor projects and will be enjoying theirs when the first hint of fall is in the air. Stop by the showroom and see all the options and designs available!




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Treasure Garden VEGA Light

Along with a variety of outdoor umbrellas there are also many accessories and umbrella bases to chose from. Its important to first pick your umbrella and then match the accessories with it to complete our outdoor needs. Many people chose to add umbrella lights underneath so they can enjoy the outdoors at night. Treasure Garden offers the original VEGA Light which is a battery rechargeable umbrella light that is cordless and has 24 long-lasting LED lights that will last over 30,000 hours. The VEGA umbrella light features a self-adjusting clamp to lock onto an umbrella pole (1.375″ x 2″ in diameter).  This Treasure Garden VEGA light is available in both bronze and champagne colors which makes it easy to match a variety of fabric colors. If you are looking to add a pop of elegance to your nighttime outdoor parties then this is a great way to allow mood lighting to create a cozy feel. Also check out  the Treasure Garden Vega-L “Large” umbrella light which has 50% more LED lights than the original Treasure Garden Vega. 


Decorative Umbrella Bases

Along with the extra fun accessories that you can add to make your outdoor umbrella pop there are some accessories that many umbrellas can’t stand “literally” to be without! With a variety of styles and sizes for umbrella bases with different weights it can be difficult to figure out exactly what your umbrella may need. Most umbrellas come with instructions on how to add umbrella bases and even have video demonstrations on how to add the weights underneath. At authenTEAK, our umbrella bases are available in flat and domed shapes to fit under any table base. Treasure Garden also offers online videos to add the umbrella weights and even how to attach the VEGA lights. We offer advice and can answer any outdoor umbrella questions so please call us at 404-525-1995 or toll-free at 1-866-350-8325! Check out our youtube channel authenTEAKatlanta for how-to-video guides on all the umbrellas we carry! 



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Sun Garden Umbrella

Everyday we receive calls from all over the country inquiring about umbrellas. People are very serious about doing their research before purchasing anything these days. Times are tough and before a dollar is spent people want to know if they are spending wisely. AuthenTEAK offers Treasure Garden, Sun Garden, Shademaker and other top umbrella brands. Treasure Garden, in my opinion, is the best in the business with a great price point. There are literally thousands of size and color combinations available in the Treasure Garden product line. Many people have questions about which umbrella size should be used. A 9′ umbrella is most appropriate for up to a 60″ round table and chairs, an 11″ round for larger size tables. If you want more coverage around a 60″ grouping a 8′ x 11′ rectangular umbrella is really appropriate for rectangular tables up to 86″ or as a free-standing umbrella over deep seating or chaise lounges.

Treasure Garden Shademaker

The most common questions we are asked is “How long will an umbrella last?” This is a hard question to answer but it will depend on how well you take care of it. I have had customers call and say, “My umbrella broke! I left it open and with the snow pile on top it just snapped the pole!” I’m thinking HELLO!! That poor umbrella didn’t stand a chance. Take care of your umbrella and it will give you many wonderful years of shade service. A quick tip I tell all our customers that purchase outdoor umbrellas is to never leave an open umbrella unattended. Storms can “pop up” quickly so make sure to lower it when not in use. Utilizing an umbrella cover will also prolong the life of your umbrella and protect it from the elements in the winter and from the sun. There are several choices for canopy fabrics. The Sunbrella Acrylics are the best and will last the longest. Paying a little more for a higher grade fabric is a wise decision if you plan to have it for awhile. Treasure Garden also offers a replacement canopy if you ever want to change your decor or feel the need to replace what you have. Check out our website to see all of the manufacturers and options for a array of custom, as well as, quick ship umbrella options. Hope to see you soon!!!