Battle Pollen Season with Outdoor Furniture Covers

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Covers for your outdoor furniture are necessary during the winter months to prevent damage in cold, wet environments. But did you know that during pollen season, outdoor furniture covers can be a huge help as well?

If you live in an area with a large pollen output, you know the frustration of stepping outside to find your outdoor furniture covered in a thin film of yellow powder. This pollen will stick to your clothing if you sit down outside and then be transferred indoors where it can affect allergy sufferers around the clock. If pollen-covered outdoor furniture is keeping you out of your outdoor spaces, or the constant cleaning has become too much, consider investing in a good set of outdoor furniture covers to use when you are not enjoying your outdoor space.

By covering outdoor furniture when not in use, you can keep it clean and ready to entertain. It’s easy to find covers to fit all of your pieces when you shop online at Authenteak. We carry covers by many of the outdoor furniture brands including Kingsley-Bate and Gloster to specifically fit their products, as well as covers by Treasure Garden made in a wide range of sizes to fit outdoor furniture by many different manufacturers.


Treasure Garden covers will keep your outdoor furniture pollen free.

Treasure Garden offers a wide range of outdoor furniture covers to fit your needs

Shop covers for Kingsley-Bate outdoor furniture collection

Kingsley-Bate custom tailored covers keep your furniture looking sharp year round

Not sure where to start?

Visit our measuring guide to learn how to measure for outdoor furniture covers.

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Avoid the Mosquitoes with Amazon Lights

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Nothing ruins a warm evening like getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, so the trick to a happy summer is to stop them before they start! Now you can get rid of mosquitoes while creating a beautiful ambiance outdoors thanks to Amazon Lights. This unique company produces premium citronella products that repel mosquitoes naturally and effectively. AuthenTEAK is proud to offer Amazon Lights garden candles and incense cones to help keep your outdoor living spaces free of pesky bugs. Made with oils from citronella, rosemary and thyme, these candles have a rich, subtle scent that you’ll love. In addition, they include the bug-repelling andiroba oil from the Brazilian rainforests. The lovely scents and lighting from your Amazon Lights incense sticks and candles create a relaxing mood when you’re enjoying your outdoor furniture.

Check us out for Amazon Lights products and other great outdoor living space accessories at AuthenTEAK. Our personable customer service representatives and helpful design experts are ready to answer any of your questions.

Garden-Candle8182The Amazon Lights Garden Candle adds their South American secret formulation to citronella to create a more comfortable backyard environment. Using essential oils, Brazilian andiroba, rosemary and thyme, Amazon Lights provides a zone of comfort and fragrance on your patio and the perfect nighttime ambiance for entertaining. Use several candles throughout your deck and patio to enlarge your comfort zone – each will last up to 28 hours.

Garden-Incense-Cones8183Made from renewable bamboo, Amazon Lights Garden Incense Cones burn cleanly for twenty five minutes to keep your patio and backyard area bug-free. These environmentally safe cones use Brazilian essential oils including andiroba, thyme, rosemary and citronella to create a zone of comfort with a natural and fragrant scent. The set includes 50 cones and an attractive ceramic holder.

Garden-Incense-Sticks8184Amazon Lights garden incense sticks brings the best-kept secret of the Amazon rainforest to the comfort of your own backyard. By blending the aromatic essentials oils of Brazilian andiroba (native to tropical South America) with citronella, rosemary and thyme, Amazon Lights premium outdoor products create a natural and fragrant environment to enjoy on your patio.

Amazon Lights Garden Incense Sticks are made from renewable bamboo and burn for up to 2.5 hours each, providing an effective, aromatic scent. Place multiple sticks in a perimeter around your deck or patio to expand your coverage. These sticks are perfectly suited for large social gatherings or simply to intensify your level of coverage. The incense sticks are sold 12 pieces per tube. For outdoor use only.


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IMG_4276 I am so excited this year about our planter selection at the showroom! We have something for everyone. Large, small and everything in between. Fiberglass is definitely the way to go. It’s lightweight, will handle extreme hot and cold temperatures, and doesn’t break your back when you decide to move it. Cleaning is a breeze as well, just spray on some simple green, scrub lightly and hose it off with water.

But the question remains “what do I plant in these containers?” The question is simple. Plant what you want. But there are a few things to consider. Pick something that is not only appropriate for the amount of sunlight in the area but try to accentuate some architectural feature of your home. Consider plants that will add contrast to your home’s color scheme.  For example, consider plants such as Vinca, Coleus, Celosa, Marigolds, for your shorter smaller containers and use something in your taller planters that would cascade over the sides as it grows. Verbena, New-Wave Petunias would be my suggestion. Incorporating some tall, ornamental grasses in the center of the larger pots would make a great focal point. Remember that green, tall, straight growing evergreens look fantastic all-year round in larger containers. You can accent them with annuals all year round. Arborvitae evergreens are what we selected for our planters here at the showroom. IMG_4266

Color Trends for 2014

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Color Trends for 2014

Did you know that every year the Pantone Institute selects one specific color from a myriad of pigments as the color of the year?  This selection aids designers of all disciplines, even designers in the casual furnishings and outdoor accessories industry, in forecasting what their clients will find fresh, stylish, and in keeping with contemporary tastes.  This year the Pantone Institute bestowed the honor of color of the year to Radiant Orchid, a vibrant mix of fuchsia, pink, and purple. While many designers don’t necessarily plan an entire concept around the Pantone color of the year, they do look to that color as inspiration for striking accents and accessories.

There are a wide variety of ways that you can incorporate Radiant Orchid into your outdoor living space. Try starting off with deep seating furnishings with cushions in a strong neutral, such as Sunbrella Canvas Charcoal.  Add decorative all-weather toss pillows by Elaine Smith that incorporate hues similar to Radiant Orchid in pattern or in a heavily textured solid fabric. Use actual orchids in small fiberglass planters as centerpieces for chat tables or teak dining tables. Consider finishing off your outdoor living with a patterned outdoor rug that may have a Radiant Orchid yarns.  Utilizing these tips you will be on the cutting edge of color without coming off as overly trendy.

Farmer D Organics now at AuthenTEAK

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Farmer D Organics now at AuthenTEAK Farmer D Organics now at AuthenTEAKFarmer D Beds on Legs Farmer D Beds on Legs
2’x4′ $269.95
2’x2′ $179.95

AuthenTEAK recently added Container Beds from Farmer D Organics! This great company is an environmentally friendly, socially responsible business that creates farms and products for the earth and its people.

The Farmer D Organics product line is based on creating and making available the highest quality organic soil and plant foods for growing the most nutritious and delicious food and medicines from the backyard gardener to the large scale organic farmer.

Grow edible plants anywhere with these self-contained beds made of durable cedar. They offer a host of advantages for edible gardening: control over soil conditions for less weeding, less fertilizing, optimal drainage and increased yield.

  • Raised beds give you control of your soil, which means higher yields with less weeding and less fertilizing.
  • Elevated design reduces bending over—ideal for gardeners of all ages.
  • Crafted of 2″-thick boards of FSC-certified sustainable untreated Western Red Cedar that is naturally rot- and insect-resistant.
  • 4”-square legs ensure bed is sturdy and stable.
  • Assembly required.
  • Predrilled for easy assembly; all hardware included.
  • 24″ sq. bed: 24″ high overall; bed depth 10”; 3-cu.-ft. cap.
  • 48″ sq. bed: 36″ high overall; bed depth 10”; 6-cu.-ft. cap.
  • Made following socially responsible, environmentally friendly business practices by a company that helps empower people to grow healthy foods and build sustainable communities.
  • Handmade in USA.

Viducci’s Garden Planters Now at AuthenTEAK

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Viducci's Garden Planters Viducci’s Garden is committed to designing planters of timeless elegance. Inspired by classical architecture and landscaping these planters fit smoothly into both traditional and modern lifestyles. These collections include pottery, terracotta planters, glazed pottery, light weight planters, stoneware planters and garden decorations, designed by Karl H. Hergarten.

Solutions for Wintering Container Plants

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With Winter here and more cold weather on its way, its time to visit your garden and make sure your ready! There are also lots of annuals that look great and will last well past the first frost. Some will even look fabulous and sculptural with a coating of snow. Try combining different heights and forms, or go simple and pot a single dramatic plant in a beautiful container.

Capital Garden Downing Street PlanterTry some of these cold-loving annuals:

  • Flowering cabbages
  • Flowering kales
  • Annual grasses
  • Sages
  • Flaxes
  • Pansies
  • Creeping wirevine
  • New Zealand Flax

In general, plants can survive in containers if they are rated as 2 USDA Hardiness zones lower than the zone you are gardening in. So if you are in Zone 5, you’d be safe with plants labeled hardy to Zone 3, but how many of them are there? However gardeners in Zones 7 and 8 can get by with minimal loss on chilly nights if they stick to the much wider variety of plants considered Zone 5 and above.

Another thing to consider is that once the ground freezes under the container, water cannot escape the bottom of the pot. The container will thaw before the ground does and if you get a few rainy days, the water will stand in the pot, either rotting the roots or turning into an ice cube when the weather chills again. Avoid this by tilting the pots slightly.

Some tips to give your container plants a bit of an advantage in making it through the winter include:
  • The more soil in the pot, the better insulated the roots will be. If possible, you could simply slip the existing container into a larger container and fill the side with soil or mulch.
  • Cluster several containers together and move them to a sheltered spot, such as near the house or a south facing wall.
  • Encircle the containers with chicken wire and fill with leaves or mulch. Once the ground freezes, add mulch to the tops of the plants.
  • Consider using a cold frame or create a make shift cold frame by surrounding the containers with pales of hay and covering them with an old window or glass door or a sheet of plexiglass. Keep an eye on your plants if the weather warms. It can heat up quickly under glass. Lift the cover if temperatures are going above about 40 degrees F. and remember to close it at night.
  • For marginally hardy small trees and shrubs, you can protect them from frigid winds by driving 3-4 stakes around their perimeter, about 8-12 inches from the branches, and then wrapping them with burlap. Don’t let the burlap touch the leaves or needles or they could suffer more frost damage than if left unprotected. You could use a cage of chicken wire instead of the stakes.

Even with all your best efforts, you may lose a plant or two to circumstances beyond your control. But you’d be surprised how many will make it. 

Planters to store in an indoor sheltered place for the winter months:

  • Terra cotta: there is a 100% guarantee that moisture from any source will increase the likelihood that terra cotta will crack. If not, my experience has proven that even though a pot may make it through the winter, the terra cotta will start to flake, especially around the rim. Ultimately, the pots do crack.
  • Glass: if you have container gardening pots made from glass, bring them inside, too. Though glass will not break from water penetrating the container itself, it will most likely break if it contains very soggy soil. The soil will expand as it freezes solid. The same is true of even the best ceramic containers, but it moves toward “less likely” as the degree of vitrification increases.
  • Glazed pots (exterior only glazed): same as terra cotta.
  • Glazed pots (interior and exterior glazed): these are not as likely to break in the winter. But, you’re gambling if you’ve got them planted and left outside.

And finally, make sure your container is strong enough to make it through winter. The more porous your container is, the more likely it will crack during winter. Planters that are great year round include styrofoam, plastic, polyurethane, fiberglass, wood, hypertufa and concrete.