The New Weber Genesis IIs Have Arrived in the Showroom

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Weber Genesis II Model E310

Weber Genesis II – Model E310

Are you looking for a new grill for yourself, or a great gift for a new homeowner? Weber recently released their newest 2017 models of the classic Genesis grill which are now in our showroom and ready for purchase.

The new generation of Genesis grills are available in 4 sizes – 2,3,4 and 6 burner – to match your space and cooking needs. All models are available in an open cart design with high performance burners. porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grate and infinity ignition. A large, easy-to-read thermometer is built into the stainless steel lid to take the guesswork out of cooking.

Select the LX Model for upgrades including enclosed storage cart and stainless steel cooking grates and flavorizer bars on the 3-burner and higher models.


Cooking for a crowd? Check out the cooking surface area on the Genesis 4 and 6 burner models.

Stop by our 15,000 sq ft Atlanta Showroom for the best grills, accessories and cooking advice in town. We’re your local grill experts.

A Space for Outdoor Entertaining In Atlanta’s Chastain Park

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Pool installation by Authenteak

When your home is built for outdoor entertaining, finding pieces made to last with little to no maintenance is key. Today we are taking a look at a recent pool and patio install in the Atlanta neighborhood of Chastain Park. Our customers were looking to create a relaxing pool deck for soaking up the rays and a casual seating area to accommodate the family while enjoying the outdoor fireplace and kitchen on their covered patio.

Gloster Bells side table

On the pool deck we created a laid back arrangement of our own modern Cadzand sling chaise lounge chairs paired with Gloster Bells side tables. The low-maintenance grey sling fabric chaises with white aluminum frames have a sleek silhouette which requires little maintenance. The Gloster Bells side tables add a whimsical but stylish touch with their bell shape and innovative hidden ice buckets beneath genuine teak tops. The perfect outdoor accent piece for entertaining!

SAg Harbor Driftwood Sectional

The outdoor kitchen and fireplace area is a favorite gathering spot for the family, so the goal was to create ample deep seating with a comfortable laid-back feel. The Sag Harbor modular sectional – a popular choice – was customized for a perfect fit.

By combining 2 left/right end chairs, 2 armless chairs and 2 ottomans from the Sag Harbor collection we were able to create an outdoor version of the U-shaped sectional – a trending look for both indoors and out.

The driftwood finish resin wicker frames selected for the sectional complement the grey and white color scheme found throughout the home’s exterior, and cushions and throw pillows in Sunbrella fabric provide comfortable, weather-proof seating that will clean up easily in case of spills.

The rugged Valhalla coffee table by Kingsley-Bate completes the look in grey-finished reclaimed teak which can withstand whatever this family throws at it – from pool parties to outdoor movie nights – and keep everything they need close at hand while enjoying this gorgeous outdoor space.


Our Grill Guide – How to Choose the Right Grill for Your Space and Taste

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Nothing say summer more than firing up the grill and cooking for a gathering of family and friends. If you are new to outdoor cooking, the selection of grills available on the market may seem daunting. Follow our simple guide to select the perfect grill for your space and cooking needs here.

Cooking Fuel

Picking a fuel source for you grill is a good place to get started. Whether your preferences run towards charcoal, gas, propane or even wood we have a grill to meet your needs.


A kamado-style grill like this one from Primo gives you the flexibility to smoke, grill, bake and roast all with one tool.

A Kamado-style grill like this one from Primo gives you the flexibility to smoke, grill, bake and roast all with one tool.

There are charcoal cooking aficionados who swear that charcoal is the best cooking method. Some of the benefits of using a charcoal grill include the ability to cook at high temperatures, the ability to smoke foods as well as grill in a charcoal burning grill, and the ability to burn wood for flavor.

If you love that smoky charcoal flavor in your grilled meats, or love to experiment with different wood chip varieties to obtain the perfect flavor, a charcoal grill or smoker is the way to go.

Standard kettle-style charcoal grills like this one by Weber are an affordable entry-point into charcoal grilling, while more sophisticated kamado-style ceramic grills provide the ability to create different heat zones to cook different foods all at once with the use of dividers and heat deflectors.

Explore our selection of charcoal burning grills and smokers.

Gas and Propane

The Weber Genesis is a classic American-made grill which is available with propane and natural gas burning options.

The Weber Genesis is a classic American-made grill which is available with propane and natural gas burning options.

Gas and propane grills are extremely popular and many of the options available on the market provide the option to use either fuel source. While propane burns slightly hotter, the experience is nearly identical and for many grill owners the decision comes down to the logistics of their backyard.

If you’re the type of chef who likes to move your grill to where the action is, a propane tank is the way to go. While it keeps your grill mobile, it will require that you have an extra propane tank on hand to avoid running out of fuel before the meal is done. On average, one propane tank can provide 25 hours of cooking time, so plan accordingly.

If you currently have a gas line in your backyard, it can be more convenient to connect your grill to it. If you do not already have a gas line there will be a cost from your local utility to get this set up. Once  done, you should consider your grill fixed in place as moving it to another area will require caution and expertise. However, the benefit of never needing to worry about running out of cooking fuel should outweigh the loss of mobility.

When shopping our selection of gas grills you will see the option to select either propane or natural gas on each individual product page.

Grill Size

Cooking for a crowd? This 42" LXE Gas Grill by Alfresco might fit your bill. We carry grills up to 56" wide at

Cooking for a crowd? This 42″ LXE Gas Grill by Alfresco might fit your bill. We carry grills up to 56″ wide at

We’ve never had a customer complain that their grill was too big, but many do come in to upgrade to a larger grill when they feel their cooking area is just not large enough. Keep this in mind when selecting your grill.

Think about the crowds you are planning to cook for as well as the foods you normally prepare. 10 hot dogs will take up a lot less space than 10 chicken breasts! Plus, for proper cooking you should allow a half inch of space all the way around each piece of meat on the grill. Love grilled veggies? Those can take up quite a bit of space as well. Whether you want your entire meal to come off the grill at once, or don’t mind cooking in batches while your guests wait is another consideration.

Make sure to take into account both the direct cooking area – directly above the heat source, and the indirect cooking area – upper racks –when determining how much space you will need.

Have more questions about selecting the best grill for your needs? Visit or call the showroom for personalized help from our expert staff.

SunBrite TVs for All-Weather Outdoor Use

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Fun for the whole family by day and night!


An age-old dilemma that every sports fan has faced – stay inside to watch the game, or enjoy the outdoors with family and friends – has finally been solved. SunBriteTV, manufacturer of all-weather outdoor televisions, has created a product line specifically built to deal with the harshest outdoor conditions. Rain, dirt, insects, extreme temperatures and UV rays are no match for these durable units manufactured in the USA in Thousand Oaks, CA.

SunBriteTVs come in a range of sizes

Shop our assortment of SunBriteTVs in a range of sizes suited to any outdoor space.


Many homeowners wonder if they can use a television made for indoors in their outdoor space. There are three main reasons why you do not want to do this – heat, cold and condensation. While you may be able to find a television rated for hotter or cooler temperatures, the real problem occurs when temperatures fluctuate and condensation forms inside the unit which is only meant to function indoors. Moisture inside the unit will cause performance to degrade and the unit to eventually fail. Not to mention the fact that outdoor use will immediately void the warranty on any TV unit not specified for outdoor use.

If you are looking for an outdoor TV that will withstand the elements year round while delivering a superior HD viewing experience, check out these units which grace many of the country’s professional sports arenas – including Yankee Stadium, Gillette Stadium, Wrigley Field, Soldier Field, Marlins Park.

Whether you need a small unit for a screened porch or are looking for an impressive focal point above your outdoor fireplace – SunBriteTV has a unit for you. With units ranging from 32″ to 84″ you’re sure to find one to enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space – and lure the sports fans outdoors for once and for all!

Shop SunBriteTVs online at and enjoy Free Shipping on all units.