Stay Organized with an Outdoor Storage Box

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If you have cushioned patio furniture, you may want an outdoor storage box to place your cushions during the off-season, for long periods of inactivity or at other times when harsh weather is present. Large patio storage boxes are great to help keep your cushions clean, dry and looking new while smaller storage boxes are ideal for pool toys, extra towels and garden or BBQ supplies. Whenever you do choose a storage option, it’s important to make sure that it’s the correct size, that the style matches the theme of your patio furniture for design integrity and that it allows for some flow of air to ensure that moisture does not get trapped inside the box.

Kingsley-Bate Woven Sag Harbor Cushion Storage Box

Whether indoors or outdoors, even storage can be stylish.

Whether indoors or outdoors, even storage can be stylish.

When looking for a stylish cushion storage box for your patio, backyard or pool, take a good look at the all-weather wicker Kingsley-Bate Sag Harbor Cushion Storage Box. At a generous 67” width, you can choose two distinct woven frame colors – Driftwood or Mocha. This large storage box, with a 32 inch depth, has enough space to accommodate most deep seating patio cushions. The inside of the box has a breathable liner that helps keep the contents inside dry, yet allows for air to flow through. Teak handles on each end allow for easy portability, as well as provide an added touch of style.

Kingsley-Bate Teak Cushion Storage Box 60″

Make sure your outdoor sofa and chair cushions live up to your expectations by stashing them in a roomy, 60-inch Kingsley-Bate cushion storage box when inclement weather strikes.

Make sure your outdoor sofa and chair cushions live up to your expectations by stashing them in a roomy, 60-inch Kingsley-Bate cushion storage box when inclement weather strikes.

Also from Kingsley-Bate is their 60 inch teak cushion storage box. In bright sunlight, the warm honey-brown color of natural teak wood really stands out and contrasts nicely with any outdoor space. Over time the teak storage box will weather to a grey or you can apply annually Teak Protector to keep the golden hue. To assist in keeping your stored items dry, Kingsley-Bate added a tight silicone seal to the edges keeping the rain and moisture out. The bottom of this box is slatted, allowing air to flow through and provide further assistance in keeping everything dry. If you’re looking for a durable storage box for years to come then this Kingsley-Bate teak storage box option may be what you’re looking for. Also available in a 53” length.

Telescope Casual MGP 25″ x 64″ Rectangular Patio Storage Box

To protect your outdoor cushions and other outdoor entertaining accessories from the elements, choose the Telescope Casual Patio Storage Box.

To protect your outdoor cushions and other outdoor entertaining accessories from the elements, choose the Telescope Casual Patio Storage Box.

The innovative patio storage box from Telescope Casual takes a slightly different approach to solving your outdoor storage problems. Instead of lifting the top up, the doors slide to the side for easy access meaning this storage solution doubles as 64 inch wide serving buffet. Another excellent feature of this model is the construction; crafted from an extremely durable Marine Grade Polymer (MGP). This material is fade, stain and rot resistant. Customizing the look is easy too as you’re offered six different colors for the top slat finish, eight colors for the body, and two different patterns. Made in the USA.

Fire Pit Art – New Fire Pit Introductions

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Fire Pit Art released a few new fire pits to kick off Fall! Introducing the

FirePitArtBeachcomber6Beachcomber Fire Pit
This Fire Pit Art® original Beachcomber design with Conch, Nautilus and Scallop sea shells is reminiscent of endless summer day’s beach-combing for wonderful treasures of the sea.  This gentle soothing design compliments any landscape either by the sea or far away.


The Navigator Fire Pit
This Fire Pit Art® original Navigator compass rose is designed to take us back to a simpler, quieter time when tall ships harnessed the wind. This gentle soothing design compliments any landscape either by the sea or far away. Like a beacon, let it light your way home….


The Magnum Fire Pit
The Magnum 54″ Fire Pit from Fire Pit Art has a broad circular surface which orbits the spacious fire bowl and allows it to be converted to an outdoor table with an optional lid. This fire pit has an outer diameter of 54″ and an inner diameter of 35″ and stands 17″ tall with a ring width of 9″ The round circular bowl itself is an impressive large diameter and is lined with a heat-proof coating and has a rain drain in the bottom. This is a heavy weight fire pit that will oxidize over time to a rich and maintenance free finish. It is a hand-made work of art that is numbered by the artist as to indicate its authenticity.

Avoid the Mosquitoes with Amazon Lights

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Nothing ruins a warm evening like getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, so the trick to a happy summer is to stop them before they start! Now you can get rid of mosquitoes while creating a beautiful ambiance outdoors thanks to Amazon Lights. This unique company produces premium citronella products that repel mosquitoes naturally and effectively. AuthenTEAK is proud to offer Amazon Lights garden candles and incense cones to help keep your outdoor living spaces free of pesky bugs. Made with oils from citronella, rosemary and thyme, these candles have a rich, subtle scent that you’ll love. In addition, they include the bug-repelling andiroba oil from the Brazilian rainforests. The lovely scents and lighting from your Amazon Lights incense sticks and candles create a relaxing mood when you’re enjoying your outdoor furniture.

Check us out for Amazon Lights products and other great outdoor living space accessories at AuthenTEAK. Our personable customer service representatives and helpful design experts are ready to answer any of your questions.

Garden-Candle8182The Amazon Lights Garden Candle adds their South American secret formulation to citronella to create a more comfortable backyard environment. Using essential oils, Brazilian andiroba, rosemary and thyme, Amazon Lights provides a zone of comfort and fragrance on your patio and the perfect nighttime ambiance for entertaining. Use several candles throughout your deck and patio to enlarge your comfort zone – each will last up to 28 hours.

Garden-Incense-Cones8183Made from renewable bamboo, Amazon Lights Garden Incense Cones burn cleanly for twenty five minutes to keep your patio and backyard area bug-free. These environmentally safe cones use Brazilian essential oils including andiroba, thyme, rosemary and citronella to create a zone of comfort with a natural and fragrant scent. The set includes 50 cones and an attractive ceramic holder.

Garden-Incense-Sticks8184Amazon Lights garden incense sticks brings the best-kept secret of the Amazon rainforest to the comfort of your own backyard. By blending the aromatic essentials oils of Brazilian andiroba (native to tropical South America) with citronella, rosemary and thyme, Amazon Lights premium outdoor products create a natural and fragrant environment to enjoy on your patio.

Amazon Lights Garden Incense Sticks are made from renewable bamboo and burn for up to 2.5 hours each, providing an effective, aromatic scent. Place multiple sticks in a perimeter around your deck or patio to expand your coverage. These sticks are perfectly suited for large social gatherings or simply to intensify your level of coverage. The incense sticks are sold 12 pieces per tube. For outdoor use only.

Gloster Collections

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Gloster is the global leader in stylish, durable and comfortable outdoor furniture for residential and commercial outdoor living.  Gloster specializes in classic and contemporary designs made from premium teak wood, UV-resistant outdoor wicker and stainless steel.  Gloster is also the innovator of the Outdoor Lounge category with their award winning Cloud and Bloc collections.

Gloster does an excellent job of keeping a deep inventory of furniture in their Virginia facility and because they have their own internal cushion department, they’re frequently able to ship made-to-order cushions, available in over one hundred fabrics, within three business days.

Gloster’s best selling teak collections are Ventura, Bristol, Cape, Solo and Vermont and AuthenTEAK displays large groupings of each collection.  AuthenTEAK also displays items in their Atlanta showroom from the Nomad, Dansk, Havana, Clevedon, Azore, Kingston, Asta and Plantation collections.

Introducing AuthenTEAK’s Newest Patio Furniture

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IMG_4861Check out the latest addition to our Private Label! Introducing the AuthenTEAK Prado Sectional. This graphite sectional is extremely low maintenance and very durable, making it great for use in an outdoor living space. Crafted from aluminum this sectional is perfect near a pool or coastal environment.

Stop by our Atlanta showroom to see the quality and comfort in person.

Summer is on its way!

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Nomad (12)

Summer is on its way; cool breezes, beautiful sunsets and amazing days with family and friends. It is all about enjoying your family and friends; making memories and dreams come true.  Think of your childhood enjoying time spent with your best friend running though the sprinklers, parents having a grill out, siblings climbing trees or a loved one laying on a hammock; that is what life is really all about. Make this a memory for your family. At AuthenTEAK, we just make it a little easier for you. We know it’s all about living life! We deliver incredible customer service; we make all your outdoor situation a breeze so you can focus on what really is important; living your life to its fullest potential. AuthenTEAK is one of the most competitive outdoor lifestyle retailers in the world. We pride ourselves in quality with caring top brands: Gloster, Kingsley Bate, Lane Venture, Century, Kamado Joe, Weber and are own AuthenTEAK label brands; just to name a few of what we stock and can order.

Visit our amazing website or visit us at 1094 Huff Rd. Atlanta GA 30318. Have an amazing summer in 2014!



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IMG_4276 I am so excited this year about our planter selection at the showroom! We have something for everyone. Large, small and everything in between. Fiberglass is definitely the way to go. It’s lightweight, will handle extreme hot and cold temperatures, and doesn’t break your back when you decide to move it. Cleaning is a breeze as well, just spray on some simple green, scrub lightly and hose it off with water.

But the question remains “what do I plant in these containers?” The question is simple. Plant what you want. But there are a few things to consider. Pick something that is not only appropriate for the amount of sunlight in the area but try to accentuate some architectural feature of your home. Consider plants that will add contrast to your home’s color scheme.  For example, consider plants such as Vinca, Coleus, Celosa, Marigolds, for your shorter smaller containers and use something in your taller planters that would cascade over the sides as it grows. Verbena, New-Wave Petunias would be my suggestion. Incorporating some tall, ornamental grasses in the center of the larger pots would make a great focal point. Remember that green, tall, straight growing evergreens look fantastic all-year round in larger containers. You can accent them with annuals all year round. Arborvitae evergreens are what we selected for our planters here at the showroom. IMG_4266

Joe Blow

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The Joe Blow is a great invention; it’s quick, reliable and easy to use.

The Joe Blow Electric Blow Lighter will ignite your lump charcoal in just three minutes. It uses extremely hot air and is the fastest way to fire up your Kamado Joe. Simply plug it in, turn it on and hold the muzzle close to the charcoal.

Operating Instructions:
• Stack the Kamado Joe lump charcoal in your Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill as usual.
• Plug Joe Blow into an electrical outlet.
• Holding the muzzle of your Joe Blow Lighter close to the charcoal stack, turn the   switch to the “ON” position.
• Keep the muzzle close to the charcoal for 2-3 minutes until charcoal is lit.
• Once lit, spread the charcoal out evenly.
• Unplug Joe Blow and, in a safe place, set it on the resting bracket to cool

Only THREE minutes, unbelievable!!!