Add a Backyard Patio Umbrella to your Outdoor Space

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Umbrellas add a great pop of color and bring life to your outdoor patio furniture sets.

Umbrellas add a great pop of color and bring life to your outdoor patio furniture sets.

After a long day playing in the sun or gardening, it’s important to take some time to cool off. Other times, it’s just nice to be able to sit down and read a book without the glare of the sun in your eyes. When you need it, a backyard patio umbrella is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors while avoiding blazing sun during the heat of the day.

Treasure Garden 9' Octagonal Auto Tilt Umbrella - 24 hr. QUICK SHIP

Cool off in your shade with our Quick Ship Treasure Garden 9′ Octagonal Auto Tilt Umbrella.

When it comes to choosing the perfect style of umbrella, there are many factors to take into consideration. Establishing a strong color theme for the canopy is important, but there are other factors like ease of setup and the shade’s durability as well.

Patio umbrellas come in many different sizes and shapes, so the options are available to get the perfect solution that fits your backyard or patio.

Here are just a few of the different options out there.

Treasure Garden AKZ 10' x 13' Rectangular Cantilever - 24 hr. QUICK SHIPTreasure Garden AKZ 10′ x 13′ Rectangular Cantilever

An excellent choice for covering a large space, is the Treasure Garden 10′ x 13′ Cantilever Umbrella. This massive rectangular umbrella rotates 360 degrees and allows tilting up to 54 degrees so you can provide shade to all the important areas. Treasure Garden AKZ umbrellas are also available in square and octagonal shapes.

Bambrella Levante Round Bamboo UmbrellaBambrella Levante Round Bamboo Umbrella

Patio parasols like Bambrella Levante’s Round Bamboo Umbrella from AuthenTEAK use finely finished wood as their main supporting structure. This strong and environmentally friendly bamboo frame is highly wind resistant and uses a double pulley system to smoothly open and close. When fully open, this durable round umbrella ranges in size from 8.5 ft. to 13 ft. in diameter with a pole thickness ranging from 1.5 in. to 2.25 in.

Treasure Garden 9' Octagonal Commercial Umbrella - 24 hr. QUICK SHIPTreasure Garden 9′ Octagonal Commercial Umbrella

For those interested in purchasing a strong, simple and efficient aluminum frame market umbrella, look at the cost effective Treasure Garden 9′ Octagonal Commercial Umbrella.This commercial patio umbrella operates using a simple push-up and pin lift system and has dozens of umbrella canopy color options available in Sunbrella fabrics. When set up, this aluminum umbrella has a 76” ground clearance at it’s edges, while the top center-point reaches up to 96”. When purchased from Authenteak, this quick ship umbrella ships within 24 hours.