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IMG_4276 I am so excited this year about our planter selection at the showroom! We have something for everyone. Large, small and everything in between. Fiberglass is definitely the way to go. It’s lightweight, will handle extreme hot and cold temperatures, and doesn’t break your back when you decide to move it. Cleaning is a breeze as well, just spray on some simple green, scrub lightly and hose it off with water.

But the question remains “what do I plant in these containers?” The question is simple. Plant what you want. But there are a few things to consider. Pick something that is not only appropriate for the amount of sunlight in the area but try to accentuate some architectural feature of your home. Consider plants that will add contrast to your home’s color scheme.  For example, consider plants such as Vinca, Coleus, Celosa, Marigolds, for your shorter smaller containers and use something in your taller planters that would cascade over the sides as it grows. Verbena, New-Wave Petunias would be my suggestion. Incorporating some tall, ornamental grasses in the center of the larger pots would make a great focal point. Remember that green, tall, straight growing evergreens look fantastic all-year round in larger containers. You can accent them with annuals all year round. Arborvitae evergreens are what we selected for our planters here at the showroom. IMG_4266