Kamado Joe Grill Demo

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veggiesTHIS SATURDAY! ARE YOU READY FOR OUR KAMADO JOE GRILL DEMO DAY!? Check out authenteak on June 7th from 10-2 pm for the hottest outdoor grill event this year on the West Side! We will be showcasing all the newest Kamado Joe accessories and grilling tips

Joe Blow

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The Joe Blow is a great invention; it’s quick, reliable and easy to use.

The Joe Blow Electric Blow Lighter will ignite your lump charcoal in just three minutes. It uses extremely hot air and is the fastest way to fire up your Kamado Joe. Simply plug it in, turn it on and hold the muzzle close to the charcoal.

Operating Instructions:
• Stack the Kamado Joe lump charcoal in your Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill as usual.
• Plug Joe Blow into an electrical outlet.
• Holding the muzzle of your Joe Blow Lighter close to the charcoal stack, turn the   switch to the “ON” position.
• Keep the muzzle close to the charcoal for 2-3 minutes until charcoal is lit.
• Once lit, spread the charcoal out evenly.
• Unplug Joe Blow and, in a safe place, set it on the resting bracket to cool

Only THREE minutes, unbelievable!!!


The Kamado Joe Jr.

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Succulent steaks, juicy burgers, BBQ chicken; just a few of the delicious foods your can enjoy with the Kamado Joe Jr.

Joe Jr, the Kamado Joe grill designed to take along. Joe Jr lets you take ceramic grill cooking with you to the ballgame, the beach, the cabin or on the camping trip. It’s portable, it’s compact, and you’ll wonder how you did without it! The Joe Junior Kamado is a grill, smoker and oven all in one, and can be ready to cook in 15 minutes.

This Kamado grill is constructed from 1 1/4-inch thick ceramics, allowing it to hold heat and maintain temperature control, burning less fuel and saving you money. The thick, porous ceramic keeps moisture in your food, producing incredibly tender food with a true charcoal infused flavor. All Kamado Joe ceramic grills are crafted with a heat-resistant ceramic coating, their own special recipe, to keep your grill looking as good as it performs. You can enjoy the luxury of cooking on 149 square inches of grilling area, with a commercial-grade 304 stainless steel hinged cooking grate that allows you to easily add more charcoal.

The stainless steel draft door allows you to control the airflow and temperature within the grill. The lid hinge is made of powder-coated galvanized iron and the fire grate is made of powder coated cast iron for durability and superior heating performance. The built-in thermometer allows you to monitor cooking temperatures, even when the grill lid is shut, and the powder-coated cast iron grill stand has handles so that you can take this portable unit with you camping or tailgating. The black finished HDPE handle provides a cool, comfortable grip.

The Joe Jr includes the 13.5″ Ceramic Grill with Sturdy Stand, Built-in Thermometer, Ash tool, Grill Gripper, Flexible Cooking Rack, and Heat Deflector.

So sit back and enjoy, let Joe Jr do the work with the mouthwatering taste buds enjoying all the fabulous flavors.