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Are you looking for comfortable outdoor seating that is virtually maintenance-free? If you love the look of upholstered outdoor furniture, but are worried about the care required to maintain it, you will love our new exclusive care-free collection.

This collection includes 5 different styles all made from Nautolex – a polyurethane coated fabric that is specially formulated with anti-microbials, to resist the penetration of mold and mildew, as well as UV protection to resist fading in the sun. Nautolex has been used in the marine industry for over 50 years and can stand up to the harshest outdoor environments, making these collections perfect for residential and commercial use. The interior framework of these pieces is equally weatherproof – constructed from water-resistant materials. All pieces come with a 3-year warranty.


Have kids, or pets? Or just forgot to cover up your outdoor furniture during inclement weather? With our Care-Free Nautolex collections you never have to worry. Clean up is easy with mild soap and water.

The Angle is the perfect solution for smaller spaces where maintenance-free comfort and style are top priority.

See more styles from this collection online or stop into our West Midtown showroom to see the models pictured above in person.

The Elle sectional

The Social 3-piece seating set

The Met Sectional

Lee Industries Outdoor Furniture Sale

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Lee Industries Outdoor Furniture SaleJust in time for the Holiday weekend! Great savings on all Lee Industries outdoor furniture – shop in-store or at home! http://authenteak.com/lee-industries.html

Cleaning Cushions

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Stain_TrendCleaning Cushions

At the AuthenTEAK Outdoor Furniture showroom we probably hear more fears about keeping outdoor cushions clean than any other product concern imaginable.  Breathe.  Relax.  The reality is that the flowers you planted in your new fiberglass planters require a lot more care and attention than your outdoor cushions- even if they are upholstered in a light fabric such as Sunbrella Sailcloth Salt. Manufacturers that we work with such as Kingsley Bate, Gloster, Barlow Tyrie, and Lane Venture only source the best brands of outdoor fabrics, most of which are 100% solution dyed acrylic.  These textiles are known for their resiliency and colorfastness.   In addition these fabrics have built in water and stain repellents which make cleaning a breeze.

To prevent any major build up and to increase the longevity of your outdoor cushions and upholstery we do recommend a very minimal amount of basic maintenance.  We recommend that you hose your cushions off about once every two weeks and allow them to thoroughly air dry to rinse off any loose dirt or pollen. Additionally when you are not using your outdoor living space for extended periods of time, we recommend that you cover your furnishings with Treasure Garden Protective Covers.

Even with the best preventative care, spills and spots will still happen.  Fabric seems to have a magnetic attraction to red wine, ketchup, and barbecue sauce.  Dogs and children often find that a few decorative muddy hand prints and paw prints really embellish your brand new all-weather sofa.  It’s still ok!  The built in stain and moisture repellents in the fabric mean that these common spills usually come out with gentle spot cleaning using mild soap and water. However, we also provide a PDF care guide on our website for outdoor fabric cleaning which covers solutions for everything from ketchup to crayons to nail polish.

“Gold Standard”

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Spring_TrendTeak is quite possibly the “Gold Standard” for high quality outdoor furniture. It is renowned for its inherent longevity and resistance to rot, timber termites and pests. Additionally outdoor teak furniture can withstand the elements in relatively extreme conditions.  Teak wood can be easily worked and developed into many different styles of furniture, and allows designers and manufacturers to incorporate sinuous lines and details such as the fine embellishments of the Kingsley Bate Sea Island collection. New teak furniture has a rich, golden color that can be preserved with Teak Cleaner and Teak Protector, or can be left alone to develop a beautiful silvery patina as a result of exposure to UV rays.

Fun fact: In the 19th Century the British predominantly used Teak Wood to build ships for the Royal Navy.  Although at that time ideas such as repurposing and recycling were not as popular as today, British Naval crews tore apart decommissioned ships and reclaimed the teak to build benches for public gardens and parks.  Many of those benches are still “in commission” today, over 100 years later.

Follow Up from the 2011 Apollo Award!

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Meet AuthenTEAK's Management Team

Meet AuthenTEAK's Management Team! Owners Damon Fogel & Eric Brenner with Operations Manager Cindy Turner.

AuthenTEAK was recently featured in the September 2011 Casual Living Magazine! The article on page 66 “Above the Rest, nominees meet their challenges head on”, describes the journey and history behind AuthenTEAK as we grew from a weekend-only business to being nominated AGAIN as a finalist in the 2011 Apollo Awards for the single store category! This was our second nomination and we are proud to share our clearly envisioned, four-pronged growth strategy via our retail showroom located in the West Midtown Design District in Atlanta, our online presence and trade & contract relationships. Every year AuthenTEAK progresses, grows and reworks strategies to build better relationships with the trade & contract as well as with their manufactures and customers. AuthenTEAK looks forward to next year’s Apollo Award announcements and we are not giving up hope for a win in the future! Check out the complete article by Kristine Ellis in the September 2011 Casual Living Magazine!

What to do with my Teak?

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Barlow Tyrie Teak Adirondack Chair - All Barlow Tyrie products are 10% off till August 31st. Use promo code BT10 online!

I decided to write about teak care because I regularly get asked, “Do I put teak oil on my furniture?”. The answer is NO! NEVER! Do not use “teak oil” on outdoor teak furniture. Using teak oil will cause an oily, ugly mess. Teak oil has been primarily used on scandanavian or danish indoor teak furniture. It does work well on indoor teak to condition or polish the wood. Outdoor teak, which is usually natural, does not accept the teak oil at all. Teak is very dense and the teak oil doesn’t penetrate the wood, instead it just mixes with rain and dampness and just sits on the surface of the wood.

It is common practice, for our teak products to be cleaned and producted. These products are called Teak Cleaner and Teak Protector. The weathering of Teak is caused by the ultra violet rays of the sun, not rain and moisture as some are led to believe. The Golden Care and Gloster products we carry in our West Midtown Atlanta showroom are water based and contain UV inhibitants which slow down, or in some cases, reverse the weathering process. When your new teak furniture arrives, let it sit in its natural element, this will let your teak furniture adjust to the new environment. This gives your teak furniture a chance to become accustomed to humidity, sunlight, and other natural environment conditions.

Barlow Tyrie Teak Bench

When signs of weathering start taking place, which could be 3-6 months, then make the decision about what to do with your teak furniture. Teak will patina to a silvery/gray color over time. Some customers want that weathered look and there are products called Instant Gray that will turn new golden teak furniture gray. If that is not the look you want and you would prefer the honey-toned, new color, then use Teak Protector to bring that color back. Always make sure to clean your teak thoroughtly before applying the protector. It is still possible to get teak wood back to it’s original condition if you’ve ignored it for several years. This will require lots of elbow grease, as well as sanding, but remember that the weathering you see is only sitting on the surface, it isn’t all the way through the wood. For more details and information about teak care and the products AuthenTEAK offers check out Authenteak’s website www.authenteak.com for instructions and “how to” videos under the product care section.


Father’s Day Sale

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With Father’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to save and buy the best gifts any great dad would love. AuthenTEAK is having a huge Father’s Day SALE! Sure, your dad will be happy to have any gift from you…but I’m sure he has enough ties and greatest dad t-shirts! Give something that will keep giving year-round to the whole family! Make dad feel special and crown him the GRILL KING! AuthenTEAK is offering 10% off all hammocks, adirondack chairs, and grill accessories. We are also having a HUGE WEBER GRILL SALE! 10-20% off all in-stock (in-store) Weber Grills. 
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD4zmvi5mD4?rel=0&wmode=transparent]American-made Weber Grills are the most recognizable grills in the world. From trusted charcoal grills to smokers and high-end gas grills, Weber makes a grill for everyone. Weber believes that grilling should be as fun as it is flavorful and has been dedicated to that standard since 1952 when the first charcoal kettle was made.

Great Gifts for Dad

Great Gifts for Dad

Memorial Day Weekend Sale 2011

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With Memorial Day just a few days away many people are getting ready for their outdoor parties. There’s an increasing trend to decorate patios, porches, gardens, lawns and backyards as an extension of the indoor living space. An outdoor living space allows you to enjoy the majesty of nature – the sunshine, the breeze, and the greenery. It is a great place to entertain large group of friends for a summer barbeque and for fun holidays. Choosing the right kind of outdoor patio furniture to match your available space, lifestyle, taste and budget is key to having the outdoor living space of your dreams.

This weekend Authenteak is having a great sale! This is the time to buy if you are looking to buy sets and large purchases. You can save a lot more during our holiday Memorial Day Weekend sale! With purchases over $2,500 you can save 10% off! For purchases over $5,000 you save 15%. Take advantage now and get all the things you wanted to complete your outdoor living space. Save time shopping and buy complete Kingsley~Bate sets now available at Authenteak.

Memorial Day Sale Outdoor Furniture

Save time and money with Authenteak's Memorial Day weekend sale!