Pollen Season 2014

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pollen_trendThe warm temperatures and colorful blooming flowers blanketing the landscape can only mean one thing SPRING IS HERE!!! Days at the pool, picnics at the lake, beautiful flowers and trees blooming. With all this change and excitement of entertaining outside with family and friends; also comes pollen. Unfortunately, our patio furniture is also covered in pollen as well. Here are a few tips to help clean and protect your patio furniture.

Fresh pollen can simply be rinsed away with a garden hose, but for heavy layers or pollen mixed with dirt, dust or other messes, you’ll need to do a bit more work. For a deep down clean, follow these steps. It’s important to keep as much natural debris off your furniture as much as possible. Clean your cushions by diluting mild dish soap with water; hose down your cushions first; with a soft scrub brush and the diluted mixture of water and dish soap, scrub the cushions. Then hose off cushions thoroughly. Try to do this project on a sunny day to allow your cushions to dry quickly. At AuthenTEAK we also have a whole product line of cleaning and protecting products. The AuthenTEAK website also provides a furniture care link, that can be very helpful.

Another solution is to purchase patio furniture covers. At AuthenTEAK we carry Treasure Garden furniture covers; Treasure Garden protective covers are made in a champagne color of RhinoWeave, an exclusively designed fabric that is both durable & breathable, water resistant and will not crack or peel. Over 50 different furniture cover styles available for outdoor chairs, tables, loungers, sofas, umbrellas and grills. Treasure Garden protective covers come standard with ties or elastic to ensure a secure fit. Dimensions listed are Width x Depth x Height. Please inquire for options and additional details.

Now sit back and enjoy spring with your family and friends.

Pollen Season is Here, Take Charge!

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Our patio furniture covers are an attractive champagne color and are made of an exclusively designed fabric that is both durable and breathable, water resistant, and will not crack or peel like vinyl. Each cover comes in its own built-in pouch for easy storage. Packaging is resealable. Protect your investment with our affordable year-round furniture covers.

With Spring in full swing and pollen count hitting record highs, its important to take the time to protect your outdoor furniture! AuthenTEAK offers an assortment of outdoor furniture, umbrella and grill covers. Pollen can create a fine layer of greenish-yellow residue on furniture and outdoor covers eliminate the need to continue to clean during the Spring season. Tree-pollen season generally lasts from March through May.

Outdoor entertaining is becoming more popular and research indicates that people are spending more on outdoor patio furniture. Many people only cover their furniture in the winter, but it is becoming more popular to cover outdoor furniture year round when not in use. While most of today’s patio furniture is constructed of waterproof materials, there are certain elements that can cause damage or at the very least create a mess that takes time to clean up.  Dust, dirt, bird droppings, etc are a major source of concern and create quite a mess to clean if patio furniture is not properly covered and protected.  In certain parts of the country, pollen can create a fine layer of greenish-yellow residue on furniture that needs to be wiped off.  Of course, the sun is also one of the most damaging elements and can create color fading and other damage to patio furniture and cushions with prolonged UV exposure.

AuthenTEAK carries Protective Covers Inc, which has been manufacturing high quality patio furniture covers for over 10 years and takes pride in bringing the very highest quality protective cover to the marketplace. PCI Inc. utilizes only rich, luxurious vinyl that has been UV treated for years of stability outdoors. Their Dura-Gard vinyl is unlike any in today’s market. These protective covers are 7mm thick, with a 4-ounce fleece polypropylene backing, which is first compressed into a flat sheet and then laminated onto the vinyl. This innovative process ensures the fleece won’t come off on the furniture like traditional, fuzzy backed vinyl, while adding an incredible amount of strength to the cover that fuzzy backed vinyl’s can’t match.

PCI protective outdoor furniture covers come standard with velcro ties to ensure a secure fit are are designed in a UV reflecting neutral grey (some covers available in black) with a 3-year prorated warranty. 

Check out all our protection covers online.