Summer is on its way!

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Nomad (12)

Summer is on its way; cool breezes, beautiful sunsets and amazing days with family and friends. It is all about enjoying your family and friends; making memories and dreams come true.  Think of your childhood enjoying time spent with your best friend running though the sprinklers, parents having a grill out, siblings climbing trees or a loved one laying on a hammock; that is what life is really all about. Make this a memory for your family. At AuthenTEAK, we just make it a little easier for you. We know it’s all about living life! We deliver incredible customer service; we make all your outdoor situation a breeze so you can focus on what really is important; living your life to its fullest potential. AuthenTEAK is one of the most competitive outdoor lifestyle retailers in the world. We pride ourselves in quality with caring top brands: Gloster, Kingsley Bate, Lane Venture, Century, Kamado Joe, Weber and are own AuthenTEAK label brands; just to name a few of what we stock and can order.

Visit our amazing website or visit us at 1094 Huff Rd. Atlanta GA 30318. Have an amazing summer in 2014!