Solair Awnings

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Summer is finally on its way and has many homeowners scrambling to maximize the shade for our outdoor living spaces.  Solair Awnings offer homeowners the perfect solutions for protecting their patios from the hot, harsh rays of the sun.  In fact, Solair Awnings provide enough shade to keep patio spaces up to 20 degrees cooler and interior spaces up to 15 degrees cooler.   That can seriously reduce those often painful summer time electric bills!

In addition to their amazing ability to provide shade and cooler temperatures, Solair Awnings are designed to perform and are built to last.  Solair offers three models ranging from the basic 8’ x 10’ PS1000 to the nearly completely customizable PS5000.  All models feature durable Sunbrella fabric over a corrosion-resistant, electrostatic powder coated aluminum frame.  All models are motorized which makes opening and closing them as easy as pressing a button.  In addition Solair Awnings come with an outstanding 5-10 year warranty.



The Evolution Of Sunbrella

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Treasure Garden AG28 10" Umbrella

The AG28 is a 10ft cantilever European style umbrella that creates an inviting dining atmosphere. Over 135 different solution dyed Sunbrella fabrics are available for this umbrella.

For over 45 years, Sunbrella has led the way in performance fabrics. What started out as a fabric used primarily for awnings on luxury homes and boats has evolved into a leader in quality and innovation in the outdoor furnishings industry. Sunbrella has been instrumental in the development of upholstery for outdoor furniture. The fabrics stay strong and vibrant, even through intense sunlight exposure and cleaning with bleach. So STOP worrying about stains and fading on your patio furniture, go ahead and get that white sofa you’ve always wanted.

The most important fact that most people don’t know about Sunbrella is that it’s environmentally friendly. There are no waste water from dyes like the other typical competitor fabrics. Sunbrella is GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality if used in the home. A revolution is also occuring within the indoor furnishings industry. Several upper end furnishing boutiques have started offering Sunbrella fabrics for interior design projects due to it’s durability. Sunbrella furniture fabrics offer more patterns, colors and designs than any other performance fabric in the market. High profile fabric designers have been working with Sunbrella in recent years designing beautiful fabrics that are just as soft as cottons and smooth as silks. It’s amazing how Sunbrella has evolved. Come into AuthenTEAK’s showroom and look through all the great Sunbrella fabric samples or check us out on the web at Also check out to see and read about the latest developments in the performance fabric industry.