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Sun Garden Umbrella

Everyday we receive calls from all over the country inquiring about umbrellas. People are very serious about doing their research before purchasing anything these days. Times are tough and before a dollar is spent people want to know if they are spending wisely. AuthenTEAK offers Treasure Garden, Sun Garden, Shademaker and other top umbrella brands. Treasure Garden, in my opinion, is the best in the business with a great price point. There are literally thousands of size and color combinations available in the Treasure Garden product line. Many people have questions about which umbrella size should be used. A 9′ umbrella is most appropriate for up to a 60″ round table and chairs, an 11″ round for larger size tables. If you want more coverage around a 60″ grouping a 8′ x 11′ rectangular umbrella is really appropriate for rectangular tables up to 86″ or as a free-standing umbrella over deep seating or chaise lounges.

Treasure Garden Shademaker

The most common questions we are asked is “How long will an umbrella last?” This is a hard question to answer but it will depend on how well you take care of it. I have had customers call and say, “My umbrella broke! I left it open and with the snow pile on top it just snapped the pole!” I’m thinking HELLO!! That poor umbrella didn’t stand a chance. Take care of your umbrella and it will give you many wonderful years of shade service. A quick tip I tell all our customers that purchase outdoor umbrellas is to never leave an open umbrella unattended. Storms can “pop up” quickly so make sure to lower it when not in use. Utilizing an umbrella cover will also prolong the life of your umbrella and protect it from the elements in the winter and from the sun. There are several choices for canopy fabrics. The Sunbrella Acrylics are the best and will last the longest. Paying a little more for a higher grade fabric is a wise decision if you plan to have it for awhile. Treasure Garden also offers a replacement canopy if you ever want to change your decor or feel the need to replace what you have. Check out our website to see all of the manufacturers and options for a array of custom, as well as, quick ship umbrella options. Hope to see you soon!!!

Outdoor Furniture Made in America? Are you kidding? NO, I’M NOT KIDDING!!!!!

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This Windham Metro Classic cast aluminum dining set, available at Authenteak, will add style to your outdoor setting.

This Windham Metro Classic cast aluminum dining set, available at Authenteak, will add style to your outdoor setting.

Some people think that nothing is made in America anymore, especially outdoor furnishings. That is true to a certain extent but there are choices for a consumer that prefers to support their fellow Americans who choose to compete in a marketplace among a world of global imports. Enter Windham Castings, one of the very few companies that have a niche in the American market. Based in Plains, GA and in business for over a decade, Windham has evolved as a leader and trend-setter in the business. Not only are the pieces manufactured in the U.S., they operate their own foundry in Plains. THAT’S RIGHT, they pour their own metal! What does this mean for the consumer? Shorter lead times, superior quality product, better customer service, quality and value. Windham pricing is extremely competitive to other cast aluminum lines of outdoor furniture. We invite anyone who is not familiar with Windham and their products to come to Authenteak for a chance to see in person the beautiful product they produce. Check out Windham

What type of outdoor furniture is right for me?

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Design Tips

We offer durable outdoor dining tables in just about every size, shape, material and style.

It is important to remember, whatever your choice, make sure you’re happy with what you get. Any good showroom salesperson will be able to guide you in the right direction if you communicate your needs when deciding what to buy. Everyone has their own personal style/taste. A few things to consider when shopping for furniture are what is the size of my outdoor area? Is the product I am drawn to the appropriate scale for the size of the space? Will the fabric choices I am making be something I will like 5-7 years from now? What about maintenance for the product I am considering? All of these questions should be well thought out during the design process of any outdoor project. Outdoor is the fastest growing segment of the furniture industry at the moment. The evolution of outdoor furnishings has become almost as vast as indoor! Hundreds of styles with thousands of options can keep you second guessing yourself. Be confident, be organized, stick to the plan and you’ll know you made the right decision. Happy Shopping!